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wooden flute pone


"A wooden flute born from an unprecedented 'new idea'."

Deep breathing stabilizes the mind and balances the autonomic nervous system, and increases the substance called serotonin (happiness hormone) in the brain.

It makes me feel relaxed.
Oxygen is sent to every corner of the body and the brain, helping to activate the parasympathetic nerves and relax.


We have developed a rehabilitation product that has such an effect.

Ocarina of the Forest tree Makoto Yasukawa, who designed the sound, suffered from "tongue cancer"

Even with 90% of the tongue removed, I was able to pronounce without aspiration thanks to my lung capacity and oral muscles, which I had trained by playing the whistle.

"Rehabilitation whistle" developed based on such experiences

Even with a small amount of breath, it is devised to produce a stable and clean sound. (Acquisition of utility model)

By holding the whistle in your mouth and making a sound, you can use the muscles around your mouth that you don't normally use and tighten your mouth.

Helps improve swallowing function.

By opening and closing your fingers to change the sound, you can exercise your hands.
By thinking about sounds, rhythms, timings, etc., you can stimulate brain activity and enjoy rehabilitation.

In addition, we focused on the healing effect of wood and made use of its soft and warm texture. In addition to the gentle and warm touch of wood,

You can enjoy the gentle sounds played by the trees.


In addition, it is starting to gain popularity as the first "instrument that makes sounds" for children.


The gentle warmth of Japanese wood and the soft sound of an instrument that small hands touch for the first time.

《Sound 》Do and Fa (2 sounds)

《Price 》3800 yen (excluding tax)

《Set Contents》String



《 coating 》oil finish

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