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Corocoro Acorn​


An acorn-shaped charm made of wood that makes a gentle rolling sound.


I hang it on a bag and a key, a door, a baby and,

Since it is coated with olive oil, it can be used as a safe toy even if your baby licks it.

Because it is made entirely of wood, the rolling sound is gentle and lovely.

In Northern Europe, the shape of an acorn is a symbol of life, growth, and fertility, and is often worn as a talisman.

In addition, it is also said to be a symbol of "success" because small, small "acorns" grow into big trees.

A charm with such an "acorn" as a motif.

In the forest at the foot of Mt. Yatsugatake, each one is handmade with all my heart.

There is a wooden "ball" inside, and when you shake it, it makes a gentle rolling sound.


We also accept custom orders for names.

We also accept large orders.

We also accept requests from companies and organizations.

If the number exceeds a certain amount, we can also accept semi-orders such as tape length, type, tree species, laser engraving, etc.

Recommended for original goods.

Inquiry formPlease feel free to contact us.


There are two types of tape: genuine leather and Tyrolean tape.

There are not only regular tapes, but also tapes with various colors and patterns depending on the occasion.

​ You can enjoy various patterns depending on the occasion.

​For details  Online shop Please refer to the.

(The image is an image)

《Specification 》 Tyrolean tape genuine leather

《Size》Egg size

《 coating 》oil finish

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