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Mori no Ocarina Itsuki Onto is a simple musical instrument made of wood.

Craftsmen carefully finish each piece so that the individuality and tone of each tree can be utilized.

Please pay attention to the following precautions and enjoy your instrument.


⦿Before blowing, clean your mouth with a toothbrush or rinse your mouth.


⦿ Do not wash the instrument with water.


⦿Tree・Since the sound is an ocarina, the pitch is easily affected by temperature and breath pressure. note that.

⦿ Immediately after purchasing a whistle, the whistle needs a "break-in period". If you suddenly play for a long time, the wood will absorb moisture and expand, which may cause the instrument to deform. As a result, the timbre may change, or there may be no sound.

At first, blow a little at a time to acclimatize the instrument to the water, and blow again to bring out a better sound from the instrument.  

⦿If you feel that the windway has become clogged with water while you are playing, stop wiping it once, remove the water, and let the instrument rest.

⦿It may be damaged if it is hit or dropped.


It's a wooden instrument, so it's an instrument that can be enjoyed for a very long time. Have a wonderful tree sound life!

point when playing

how to hold

[ before] [after 】         _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   


Upper hole ▶︎ index finger

bottom hole▶︎ middle finger

hole behind▶︎ thumb

If not properly closed,

It will sound different.

Cover it firmly with the pad of your finger.

How to hold


・Put it in your mouth with the intention of adding about 5 mm.

・​ The angle of the whistle is about 45​°

・​ If you hold the flute too much, it will not only be difficult to blow, but it will also cause the brim to build up inside the instrument, making it difficult to make a sound.

each fingering

Tips for blowing

Mori no Ocarina Juon is a kind of ocarina and is a closed tube instrument.

​You can easily make sounds by breathing. However, it takes a little trick to stabilize the pitch.

Breathe in slowly and fully. It is an image of making a big soap bubble.

If you keep your throat open at this time, the sound will have a good resonance.

​ And if you practice adjusting your breath to match the notes you make, you will be able to play more consistently.

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